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small jewels all around it and gave the impression that it belonged to a very wealthy man. He deemed it fit to start investing money. Story Elements Quiz, story Elements Quiz, think you know enough knowledge about all the elements of a story? Again, we find him a bit boastful as he was flaunting about his fortune and comparing his luck with Jimmys luck.
After Twenty Years Questions Answers Question 8: Describe the policeman on the beat. It was then that they decided to meet, no matter what their conditions might be or from what distance they might have to come. Twirled his club spin repeatedly a heavy stick with a thick end. He started earning money in the recent past. Jimmy continued to talk to Bob for a while because he, as a friend wanted to keep his promise of meeting him. Question 9: Why do you think Jimmy Wells continued to talk to Silky Bob?

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After Twenty Years Questions and Answers He was looking smart and important and it was his natural style. (a) Who said this twenty 20 world cup 2020 and to whom? Answer: Jimmy already knew that his childhood pal had become a criminal. Question 10: Describe the watch that Silky Bob was wearing.
Swagger to walk confidently, plainclothesman after twenty years questions and answers class 8 a policeman dressed like a civilian. If you remember this amazing story and its characters, then you must take this 'the thief story for class. He was trying at each door ensuring that it was closed for the night. Its an appointment made twenty years ago. He received money intermittently. Question 7: Read the lines and answer the questions. Though Jimmy had the warrant and authority to arrest Bob, yet he didnt.

There are three characters in the story After Twenty Years. One is Bob who is a true and sincere friend. He want to fulfill his promise at any cost. His friend Jimmy is dutiful and honest person.

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After Twenty Years Questions And Answers English Notes Just like this story, we have made an interesting quiz for you, after twenty years questions and answers class 8 which will test your knowledge about. Either he must be cursing himself for not being able to identify his staunchest chap or he must be angry with his friend for not revealing his identity. Hi friends, we will share, after Twenty Years questions answers in this article.
Answer: Bob spoke to the policeman because he didnt want his behaviour to raise any suspicion. As he was a criminal so he would have made money by unfair means. It takes the West to put a razor-edge on him. Have you read the story: "The summer of the beautiful white horse"? Im just waiting for a friend. Questions: 10 Attempts: 31329 Last updated: Mar 22, 2022.

He gives preference to duty over friendship. The third character who comes to arrest Bob is also a police officer. After Twenty Years Questions Answers. Question 8: Describe the policeman on the beat.

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After Twenty Years Story Quiz: Exam! Sounds a little funny to you, doesnt it? So, these were twenty 20 malayalam full movie online After Twenty Years Questions Answers. Answer: The man from the west was leaning in the doorway of a darkened hardware store where there used to be Big Joe Bradys restaurant, twenty years ago.
He put his money to use frequently. They met and parted like strangers which must have been a real let down for Bob. Answer: Bob and Jimmy Wells, his best chum, were raised up in New York City. Question 4: Where was Big Joe Bradys restaurant pulled down? (c) According to you, how Bob has become razor-sharp? The friends reached the fixed meeting point. Plodder someone who works slowly, swagger to walk confidently, plainclothesman a policeman dressed like a civilian. Answer: As informed by the policeman to the man from the West, Big Joe Bradys restaurant was pulled down five years ago.

Answer : The policeman moved along the street in a very impressive manner. He was looking smart and important and it was his natural style. On the main road, he was keeping his alert eyes at the peoples movements. 3 educator answers After Twenty Years, why did the two friends part in After Twenty Years? What did they promise each other twenty years ago?