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the refined, active woman of today who seeks a watch that reflects her style and may be worn on all occasions. The Twenty4 Automatic, in a round case, offers two new models, one in steel adorned with an olive-green sunburst dial, the other in rose gold, its dial gilded with a rose gold sunburst. Patek Philippe ladies collection, twenty4 Automatic, ref.
Twenty4 4908/200 White Gold Eternal Gray 4908/200G-011, twenty4 4908/200 White Gold Timeless White 4909/50G-001, twenty4 4909/50 White Gold 4909/50R-001, twenty4 4909/50 Rose Gold 4910G-001, twenty4 4910 White Gold 4910/10A-001, twenty4 4910 Stainless Steel / Black 4910/10A-010, twenty4 4910 Stainless Steel / Grey 4910/10A-011. Chocolate-brown sunburst dial, 18k rose gold-applied Arabic numerals and trapeze-shaped hour markers. 18k Rose gold-applied Arabic numerals and rose gold e case is lit with 160 hand-set Top Wesselton Pure diamonds (0.77 carat)using a lacework technique. View the Twenty4 Collection, find an Authorized Retailer, rituals of My Life by Patek Philippe "Rituals of my life" celebrates the personal routines, traditions and moments of the modern woman, which bring structure, calm and joy to each individual day. Patek Philippe effortlessly accompanies these moments, adding beauty and elegance to every moment of her life. By continuing to use our website without changing the settings, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Front Back, dimensions : 15. Case in rose gold, set with 34 Top Wesselton Pure diamonds (0.57.) in two vertical lines.

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Patek Philippe Twenty4 Stainless Steel Blue Sunburst Twenty4 4910 Stainless Steel / White 4910/11R-011, twenty4 4910 Rose Gold / White 4910/52G-001, twenty4 4910 White Gold Gridless Diamond 4911G-001, twenty4 4911 White Gold Baguette 4920G-001, twenty4 4920 White Gold Eternal Gray 4920G-010, twenty4 4920 White Gold Timeless. Quartz frequency : 32,768. Patek Philippe ladies collection, find an Authorized Retailer, explore the. Collection 5269/200R-001, rose Gold 5267/200A-011, stainless Steel 7118/1200A-001, stainless Steel, we use cookies to deliver website functionality and analytics as described in our cookie policy and to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Height :.8.
Three new expressions of the iconic Patek Philippe style, bringing beauty to every moment of life for the modern, active woman. Please fill in the Owner patek philippe twenty 4 registration form. 7300/1200A-011, twenty4 Automatic Ref. Other versions 4910/1200A-001, stainless Steel 4910/1200A-010, stainless Steel 4910/1200A-011, stainless Steel 4910/1201R-001, rose Gold, caliber. Register This article has been shared. 4910/10A-012, twenty4 4910 Stainless Steel / Blue 4910/11R-010, twenty4 4910 Rose Gold / Brown 4908/101G-001, twenty4 4908/101 White Gold 4908/101R-001, twenty4 4908/101 Rose Gold 4908/11R-010, twenty4 4908/11 Rose Gold Chocolate 4908/11R-011, twenty4 4908/11 Rose Gold Timeless White 4908/200G-001. You will then have access to the exclusive Patek Philippe Owners area. 7300/1200R-011, rose gold case, gilded rose gold sunburst dial.

Discover, twenty 4, our collection of modern and elegant ladies automatic and quartz watches with models available in rose gold, stainless steel or set with diamonds. You will then have access to the exclusive. Patek Philippe, owners area. 7300/1200A-011 Stainless steel case, with an elegant dial in olive-green. 18k white gold-applied Arabic numerals and white gold hands.

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Patek Philippe Twenty4 The case is lit with 160 hand-set Top Wesselton Pure diamonds (0.77 carat) using a lacework technique. The manchette or cuff-style models with cambered rectangular case and quartz movement now include a new version in rose gold with a chocolate-brown sunburst dial. Twenty4 4920 Rose Gold / White 4909/100R, twenty4 4909/100 Rose Gold / Diamonds 4909/101R, twenty4 4909/101 Rose Gold / Diamonds 4909/102R, twenty4 4909/102 Rose Gold / Sapphire 4909/103R, twenty4 4909/103 Rose Gold / Rubies 4909/107G Twenty4 4909/107 White Gold / Diamonds. Other models 7300/1200A-001, stainless Steel 7300/1200A-010, stainless Steel 7300/1200A-011, stainless Steel 7300/1200R-001, rose Gold 7300/1200R-010. We have always believed that this patek philippe twenty 4 watch lives the life of an independent woman, who makes her own way in the world.
Worn on the wrists of sophisticated and stylish women, the timeless design of the Twenty4 has become a modern classic and is the modern womans everyday companion the perfect choice for every occasion. Caliber 324 S C self-winding movement. Battery life : about 3 years. OK Reject Are you a new Owner? Each model reflects perfection in craftsmanship, and the curved silhouette of the case is a loving caress for the feminine wrist. 7300/1200A-011, stainless steel case, with an elegant dial in olive-green. 18k white gold-applied Arabic numerals and white gold hands. Power source : Silver oxide battery.55. Rose Gold 7300/1200R-011, rose Gold 7300/1450R-001, rose Gold, explore the, patek Philippe Ladies.

The case is lit with 160 hand-set Top Wesselton Pure diamonds (0.77 carat) using a lacework technique. Caliber 324 S C self-winding movement. Comprised of 217 components, 29 jewels and bearing the. View the Twenty4 Collection The Twenty4 Automatic - perfectly engineered and beautifully designed to reflect the life and style of the modern woman. Twenty4 manchette quartz watch is infused with fresh momentum and comes in two new versions: the former Roman numerals are replaced with applied Arabic numerals in gold and trapeze-shaped gold markers take the place of the diamond markers.

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Patek Philippe Twenty-4 for 15,080 for sale from Twenty4, quartz, patek Philippe reinterprets the manchette-style, twenty4 quartz model timeless feminine elegance in a new rose-gold version with a chocolate next t twenty world cup 2022 brown sunburst dial. The inimitable shape of the rectangular case is accentuated by two twenty five web series rows of diamonds. Patek Philippe Twenty4, rose Gold Brown Arabic Dial Watch. 48,495 Free shipping Professional dealer.95 (284).
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