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have felt when he realized that he had spoken to Patrolman Wells without realizing it? Stalwart strongly built, depeopled without people, reassuringly to restore confidence, proposition an area to explore.
Hence he could not arrest Bob. A tall man came there and introduced himself as Jimmy wells. Now Jimmy Wells is the friend. Bob learns from the letter that the police officer whom he met earlier was Jimmy, his old friend. The Walrus and the Carpenter and, pushkar so, you can check these posts as well. Give reasons for your answer. The man had a pale, square-jawed face with keen eyes. Silky bob, the most wanted criminal by Chicago police was waiting at a hardware store where there had been big Joe Bradys restaurant twenty years ago.

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After Twenty Years Questions and Answers Bob tells the cop that he (Bob) is waiting to meet his friend. Later Bob identifies that the man he is talking to is not his friend. Give a reasoned answer?
When my close friend does any wrong activity I cant bear. As a cop, he had all the information about his criminal activities. The tall man gives him a note from Jimmy. What would you do in this situation, if you were Jimmy Wells? They return to keep an appointment they had made twenty years ind vs eng t20 broadcast channel ago. When the policeman with his stalwart shape approaches the man prowling in obscurity, the man talks rapidly. Answer the following questions in three or four sentences each.

What kind of characters does the story After Twenty Years have? There are three characters in the story After Twenty Years. One is Bob who is a true and sincere friend. He want to fulfill his promise at any cost. His friend Jimmy is dutiful and honest person.

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After Twenty Years by O Henry Question and Answers A holy man iii. Read also: Summary and Questions Answers of Kabuliwala by Robindranath Tagore. Jimmy also remembered that Bob will come to meet his old friend as planned and promised twenty years ago. Life is without a doubt eccentric. Henrys short t20 live match 2021 story After Twenty Years, a policeman on watch sees a man inclining in the doorway of a shut store.
Both Jimmy and Bob were of the same age. It basically indicates how solid their nostalgic bond. Thus Jimmy Wells is duty-conscious. Submerged completely covered, after Twenty Years Questions Answers. Jimmy is an honest police officer. Answer: Bob spoke to the policeman because he didnt want his behaviour to raise any suspicion. Question 10: Describe the watch that Silky Bob was wearing. The aim of a short story is to give aesthetic pleasure to the readers.

He gives preference to duty over friendship. After Twenty Years Questions Answers. Reassuringly to restore confidence.

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After 20 Years Question Answers Rather, he maintained a balance between his duty and friendship. Answer: It would sound funny to the listener as he had come all the way from the West to keep an appointment made twenty years ago. When Bob lights up his cigar, Jimmy realizes that Bob is notorious criminal and he is wanted by the police. If Jimmy is alive on earth hell be here by that time reveal his hopefulness of his friends arrival.
The man is certain that his friend will meet him. A) on the beat:. They contribute to the overall effect and meaning of the work. Then again, Jimmy Wells made a decent catch in himself as he stayed in the place where he grew up, found an honourable line of work and performed well in understanding his obligation. How did the cop come to understand that Bob had been successful in the West? Before long he understands that the tall man isnt his friend Jimmy. If somebody has good friends, he is a good person. He is always by the fear that he may be arrested by the police any time. He was question answer of after twenty years looking smart and important and it was his natural style.

Proposition an area to explore. Plodder someone who works slowly. Swagger to walk confidently. Plainclothesman a policeman dressed like a civilian. Gusts sudden and strong.